About Sal

Sally Bass


Sally has lived on four continents and absorbed the colours, textures, patterns, rhythms and aesthetics of each.

She brings her incredible creative intuition to thoughtfully compose each piece from novel elements that compliment or contrast in surprising and exciting ways.

Multi-culturalism shows up in her jewellery in the form of astonishing combinations; of textures, of colors, of the subtle and exuberant, and of cultures old and new.

There are no ordinary production pieces here.

A necklace may feature large pieces of highly collectible bakelite from the 1940's, interspersed with vintage glass and accents of contemporary gemstones, or master-carved mammoth ivory set in richly textured driftwood. These elements reaching across decades are finely tuned to each other visually. The results sing in a brand new and delightfully resonant way.

She is not a purist. No prejudice is used in her selection of materials or method of construction. Her work is joyful, eccentric, modern, and risk-taking. 

Her all-embracing spirit, active imagination and rare talent have attracted international sales, awards and enthusiasm. These tactile pieces represent the highest form of wearable art and comprise the artifacts of the future.