Doctor's Orders... Go to Bali :)

	In the airport in Singapore. So beautiful!! It the best airport in the world to have a lay over!I have to take photos of the ducks in the rice fields every time! I just love themBath with flower petals after one of my many massagesI think the image says it allThe Lotus in Candidasa, by the waterMy outdoor shower. In Bali they are either outside or really dark and claustrophobic!White Sand Beach not far from Candidasa. I finally got there this tripRice FieldsEvening sky over the infinity poolSundown, so peacefulLooking out across the Lombok Straights at the last raysJust made me smile, had to stop and take a photo!Opposite my favourite button placeUbud local garbage truck, so pretty! What fun!My friend Susan's garden

I want to start by thanking you all for the overwhelming love and support in the last few months. Some of the hardest days were turned around when a card would arrive in the mail, or an email or voice mail would be waiting.

After the accident, I did a lot of resting. Unfortunately resting where you work means that even when you are "not doing" you are still worrying about the things you are not doing.... So my doctor not only approved of me going to Bali,  she said DO IT!!! So I did.

The trip was a success. It was of course not what I had planned and expected, but that is usually how things work out. For me the healing came from being embraced by my Balinese family; locals & ex-pats. I had wonderful body work done, lots of it!   Just being there, I feel like I go home. It surrounds me with the peace & beauty that is Bali.

I have come home in a lot less pain and really do see that there is an end in sight when the goal of healing actually is realized.
...oh, and I got to bring back some wonderful new materials for all my fabulous collectors.