Being Thankful...

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This summer Azuri spent "on the road" with Sally.

After flying to Denver to do the Cherry Creek show they drove over the mountains to Vail for a first time show. Then they headed to Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Having had a great time and doing three successful shows, they hit the road to head for LA.

After they left the Salt Lake City area they were only about 80 miles north of Las Vegas when the unthinkable happened, and the miracles began.

A tire blew out on the van (Mathilda) Sally knew not to slam on the breaks and tried to steer into the slide. She didn't catch it. There was a lot of weight and the van rolled.

They rolled twice, then the front axle broke. The front passenger side dug into the road leaving a huge gouge. The van tipped up, pivoted and smashed back down on the front of the drivers side. They then slid until somehow flipping again to the other side.

When they stopped all the windows were smashed out, Azuri was on the ground with Sally suspended above her... still in their seat belts.

This is where the miracles really started to add up. The first people on site were retired paramedics, one of whom is now a comedian. They helped even before the actual EMTs arrived. Sally & Azuri had been in the mountains just days before, where there was no sign of  people, yet this happened where they were able to get help quickly.
That piece of the axle that dug into the asphalt could have pierced the cab of the van and either of them. The gas tank could easily have been ruptured. Seeing the luck yet?

So with Sally hanging suspended above her Azuri managed to get out of her belt to try and help her. Sally had multiple cuts all over her head, and was bleeding profusely. So much so that at the hospital they were not sure how badly Azuri was hurt. Amazingly Azuri had numerous cuts but they were all small and did not need any stitches. She is bruised and hurt and has whiplash but it is truly amazing.

Sally was unconscious en-route to the hospital in the ambulance. Se didn't remember from when she was fighting the van as it started to go until she woke up there. She was awake and talking to Azuri and the guys on site but has no recollection of that. They were both taken for tests. We managed to get hold of Leonard & Linda (Sally & Azuri were supposed to stay with them that night) and Azuri was released to them after 3 hours at the hospital and was able to get cleaned up.

Here we are 2 days later and Sally is still in the hospital. She has 2 fractures in vertebrae low in her back. They had thought her neck was fractured as well but it isn't, but she will still have to wear a neck brace for 6 weeks.  She has stitches in forehead, near her clavicle and maybe some other places too. She had a haematoma on her head. So she went through MRI's Cat Scans.... needles, pain meds, you name it. Sally does not take drugs, vitamins are drugs to her but right now she is on morphine & percoset. They are now her best friends. It's actually pretty funny. She didn't want to take it because it might make her feel funny.

So the difference between yesterday & today is amazing. The horrific swelling has gone down so much. She can even open the eye that was swollen closed. She is more lucid and managed to eat a small piece of banana. Before we left tonight she actually sat up for the first time. We are hoping to have her released tomorrow.

Now as for the van and the merchandise.... it is again shocking how much may be ok.

The most important thing is Azuri's beloved acoustic guitar.
She was playing it for us tonight, and her singing "Time For Miracles" gave me chills.

Today has been about making insurance calls. Oh joy.

I have to say most of the hospital staff, the towing company and even the insurance folks have been awesome.
But mostly I need to thank Leonard, Linda & Parker for taking us in and supporting us as we try to get Sally back on her feet. They picked me up when my plane got in and have been with us every step of the way. Leonard even shed blood at the van when we were doing our retrieval.

So I now turn to each and every one of you and ask that you send your prayers, vibes, love & light to Sally. Help her recovery be speedy.

I leave you with the visuals so that you can understand the immensity of the miracle for yourselves.

As Hal Sparks reminds us every time he finishes his stand up, in memory of the great George Carlin, "Take care of yourself and take care of somebody else."                                                           ~Yvette Bass