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Bakelite and bones!

Ever wonder what my studio looks like?

Spring Open Studio: Part 1

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I just love the colors of the Bakelite section!

Bright lights in Tuscon Pt.4

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Just a little case of sundry art...

Bright lights in Tuscon Pt.3

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A peek into the ring case...

I think they're gorgeous!

Bright lights in Tuscon Pt.2

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Here's a peek into the shell and pearl case, with a cameo by my monkey baby.

I'm quite excited by the glorious golden breastplates of hand-carved shell!


Bright lights in Tuscon Pt.1

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A peek into the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show in Tuscon.
The lights from above were great for making gems glitter but really annoying for making a little video. I did it anyway because I really want to share this with you.
The highlights (pun unintentional, but unavoidable), for me, are the carved bone skull set in carved wood (sold!), the bright new Bakelite pieces (many sold!) and the powerful black and red pieces.
What did you see that piqued your interest?

My Monkey Baby!

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Bron just got me talking about one of my favorite pieces...

Ancient coral and antique silver

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Two unique pieces featuring ancient coral and antique silver, both Tibetan and African.
More is better!

New Jewelry from the Sally Bass Studio

#1. Vintage glass beads with centerpiece of vintage plated metal & milfore glass. $175
#2. Rare one of a kind hand carved bone centerpiece on laminated wood & vintage glass beads. $245
3. "The King" vintage flicker picture pin on resin with reconstituted amber beads. $275
#4. Vintage Carnelian sterling centerpiece with beautiful vintage carnelian & glass beads. $275
#5. Vintage Bakelite sliced pool balls on resin with fabulous, wild resin beads from Italy & Java. $345
#6. Vintage beetle of hard plastic (hand painted by me) with aqua glass  & blue plastic beads, all vintage. $345
#7. Vintage Bakelite Cameo with interesting hand painted seeds. $395
#7. Vintage Bakelite Cameo with interesting hand painted seeds. $395
#8. Vintage Bakelite drawer pull & fun contemporary resin beads from Java. $475
#9. Tibetan brass amulets, glass beads from Java,  brass beads from West Africa. $595
#10. Vintage Bakelite children's "napkin ring" duck on Bakelite poker chips with glass beads from Java. $1,400
#11. WOW! Hand carved Bakelite centerpiece with beads of vintage celluloid & glass. $1.600
#12. Just love this piece! An assortment of rare Bakelite pieces with silver & brass. Beads of resin & wood. $1,800

Hello all!
Well as the year progresses I am happy to say I am doing much better.
The love and support when things were hardest here have meant the world to us.

Having learned some lessons, I am moving slower.
I am however back to doing some shows.

It was wonderful to be back for my first 2 shows in LA and Tucson and seeing familiar faces.

Now I am back making new pieces for you to add to your collection. I have added a taste in this blog.

This is the same as when we do the "NEW Page" on the website.

Doctor's Orders... Go to Bali :)

	In the airport in Singapore. So beautiful!! It the best airport in the world to have a lay over!
I have to take photos of the ducks in the rice fields every time! I just love them
Bath with flower petals after one of my many massages
I think the image says it all
The Lotus in Candidasa, by the water
My outdoor shower. In Bali they are either outside or really dark and claustrophobic!
White Sand Beach not far from Candidasa. I finally got there this trip
Rice Fields
Evening sky over the infinity pool
Sundown, so peaceful
Looking out across the Lombok Straights at the last rays
Just made me smile, had to stop and take a photo!
Opposite my favourite button place
Ubud local garbage truck, so pretty! What fun!
My friend Susan's garden

I want to start by thanking you all for the overwhelming love and support in the last few months. Some of the hardest days were turned around when a card would arrive in the mail, or an email or voice mail would be waiting.

After the accident, I did a lot of resting. Unfortunately resting where you work means that even when you are "not doing" you are still worrying about the things you are not doing.... So my doctor not only approved of me going to Bali,  she said DO IT!!! So I did.


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