New Jewelry from the Sally Bass Studio

#1. Vintage glass beads with centerpiece of vintage plated metal & milfore glass. $175#2. Rare one of a kind hand carved bone centerpiece on laminated wood & vintage glass beads. $2453. "The King" vintage flicker picture pin on resin with reconstituted amber beads. $275#4. Vintage Carnelian sterling centerpiece with beautiful vintage carnelian & glass beads. $275#5. Vintage Bakelite sliced pool balls on resin with fabulous, wild resin beads from Italy & Java. $345#6. Vintage beetle of hard plastic (hand painted by me) with aqua glass  & blue plastic beads, all vintage. $345#7. Vintage Bakelite Cameo with interesting hand painted seeds. $395  #7. Vintage Bakelite Cameo with interesting hand painted seeds. $395  #8. Vintage Bakelite drawer pull & fun contemporary resin beads from Java. $475#9. Tibetan brass amulets, glass beads from Java,  brass beads from West Africa. $595#10. Vintage Bakelite children's "napkin ring" duck on Bakelite poker chips with glass beads from Java. $1,400#11. WOW! Hand carved Bakelite centerpiece with beads of vintage celluloid & glass. $1.600#12. Just love this piece! An assortment of rare Bakelite pieces with silver & brass. Beads of resin & wood. $1,800

Hello all!
Well as the year progresses I am happy to say I am doing much better.
The love and support when things were hardest here have meant the world to us.

Having learned some lessons, I am moving slower.
I am however back to doing some shows.

It was wonderful to be back for my first 2 shows in LA and Tucson and seeing familiar faces.

Now I am back making new pieces for you to add to your collection. I have added a taste in this blog.

This is the same as when we do the "NEW Page" on the website.

If you love it, email or call the studio RIGHT NOW!!


 So call or email as soon as you can because they are all one of a kind and will go fast!
 Studio: 510.893.9548

Sally Bass